About Us

Liberty EMI was birthed out of a desire and passion of its principle. After being employed for many years as a senior safety advisor and manager, involved in industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, power stations, power systems, rail, mining and gas, having also been a business mentor and coach, a certified internal auditor for both quality and safety systems, we have developed a strong compliance methodology.

Whether you are looking for safety or business planning competence, need a training program for your safety induction or help with policies, procedures, checklist, forms, help in writing high level documentation, or just mentoring and guidance, Liberty EMI should be your first port of call.

As your consultant, what Liberty EMI can do?

  • Firstly we will listen
  • Only by spending time with you and your business can we really understand what your goals are
  • We understand that your business is unique to you
  • We are aware you know your business better than anyone
  • Where we can we will help to clarify your questions
  • We will help you plan for sustainable solutions
  • We will emphasize action over planning
  • We will show you how to grow to a WHS compliant business
  • We are T.E.A.M players

Liberty EMI have expertise in:

  • WHS Legislative Compliance Specialist
  • WHS Systems Auditor
  • Management Systems Auditor
  • WHS Management Systems Development
  • WHS Policy and Procedural Development
  • WHS Workforce Mentor (In-Field WHS Coaching)
  • Contract Management Authority (Sub contractors)
  • Safety Training Module Development
  • Hazard Management Training
  • Incident Investigations
  • Providing WHS Document and Incident Reporting Programs – Cloud Based
  • WHS Document Control
  • WHS Management Training in Workplace Compliance
  • WHS Tender Preparation Processes
  • WHS Induction Training
  • WHS Risk Management Training
  • Fire Safety Advisor
  • WHS Activity Planning Processes
  • SWMS Compliance Reviews
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator
  • Development of Worker Consultation Processes
  • WHS Cultural Development
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Safely Access the Rail Corridor Trained – Rail Industry Worker Card
  • Construction Industry Blue Card Holder
  • Subscriber to Australian Legislative Registers

Why not contact us today. You might be pleasantly surprised how we can help.